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Dr. Nicole Lynn Coyle, Ph.D

NICOLE is a Native New Yorker making her home in Arizona. Her interest in mysticism and a search for a greater connection was sparked by her Catholic upbringing. Nicole first stepped onto a mat in college in 1991 and has never left. Humbled by the great gift of awareness that reveals itself through the practice of yoga and Bhakti, Nicole set out on a new path of light. She felt after sleepwalking through several years of disconnection and inner turmoil, yoga sparked the vital connection to the Divine she was missing.


Nicole is owner/director of Naam Yoga Arizona. She is a Naam Yoga Therapist, Harmoyum Level I, II, III Practitioner and teacher of Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr Joseph Michael Levry, her spiritual mentor. 
Currently,  Dr. Nicole is the only certified NAAM Yoga Therapist and Universal  Kabbalah Consultant  in Arizona. She believes that through the vibration of NAAM, one learns how to live from the heart and not the head.  Dr.  Nicole attained her PhD in Philosophy of Religious Studies & Theology as a way to  bring more understanding to the concept that ALL IS GOD; that all human beings and living creatures are  of the same source of Creative, Unconditional Divine Love.  She is also a certified Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor.
Committed to soulful living, Dr. Nicole is devoted to serving the infinite, creative force of the Universe. Believing in the unlimited individual and collective capacity for healing and growth, she is dedicated to offering a sacred space for others to access their infinite potential.
Nicole brings elements of unconditional Love, Devotion, and heart-centered being into each class, inspiring students to honor their bodies, souls and ultimately their TRUTH; by helping them realize that the DIVINE resides in themselves and all living beings…that at our purest form we are ONLY LOVE.
Her classes are raw, energetic, spiritually grounded and often playful, focusing on breaking down walls and busting open hearts. By weaving chanting, mudra, meditation, asana and pranayama into each class, Nicole hopes to fulfill her goal of enabling her students to fill their hearts with light and experience the true happiness that results from being united with their God-given selves.

Dr. Nicole is also a certified Crystal Therapist and Sound Practitioner, energetically balancing body, mind and spirit through the use of Crystals, gemstones, and sound.  She owns a company called “NAAMala(gy)", where she creates Transformational prayer beads & jewelry combining the principles of Kabbalah, numerology & crystal therapy. The jewelry is to act as a reminder of one’s Light and to assist beings on their true path, while removing energetic blocks.

Nicole humbly bows at the Lotus Feet of her first gurus, her parents. Her deepest and heartfelt gratitude belong to her beloved teacher, Gurunam (Dr Joesph Michael Levry), whose loving, patient and consistent guidance , wisdom & support provides an infinite beacon in her life.


My journey with yoga began years ago when I discovered the physical benefits of asana or poses. But it wasn't until years later, when I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training that I truly fell in love with yoga. I quickly discovered that the Practice of Yoga was so much more...not just about the asanas but the practices of breath
and the ability to meditate -freeing up the mind from the useless chatter and go within gaining acceptance, love and a open/unconditional perspective of self and
others .   


It was this Gift of diving deeper into the present moment that I realized I could not only achieve peace balance on my mat but also retain it-hold it within and take it with me into the outside world when I stepped off my mat. Making difficult and challenging situations much more manageable as well as being open and present for what ever may come my way.

Having always had a deep connection to nature and ALL creatures great and small Yoga has taught me to allow myself to just "To Be as I am...In this moment," in harmony with all creation...to BE perfectly imperfect!!


It is my sincere desire to help others not only find their own peace but to carry it as well into their
own outside worlds.

Tina practices many different styles of yoga from the Basics to Gentle Restorative, All Levels, Yin Yoga and Hatha Slow Flow and Vinyasa tailoring it all to the individual needs of the student. With her knowledge as a Certified Personal Trainer she brings focus on alignment, muscle memory and correct movement for functional skills that can be incorporated into the daily activities of life.

See you on your mat soon ...


RYT200/Yoga Alliance Member
Certified Personal Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor
Reiki Master Teacher


Bio Coming Soon....


Dawn had practiced yoga on and off for 10 years before making a strong, passionate and life-changing commitment to "life on the mat". She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training June 6, 2016 and her Yin Yoga training June 19, 2016  through The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe, Arizona. Dawn also is a Hatha Gong Master, receiving certification and training through The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (February 2017), is registered through the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200) and holds a Primary Yoga t raining certificate from Fitour.


An experienced Yoga Instructor, Dawn has taught yoga at the Kingman Fitness and Racquet Club, Kingman, Arizona ( 2012-2015 ), the Arizona Athletic Training Center, Gilbert, Arizona ( 2016-2017), YouFit Club, Gilbert, Arizona (2015-17 closed now), Floating Lotus, Mesa, Arizona  (2017 closed now).

Trained in the philosophy of Unity Yoga, Dawn blends her style of yoga into mind, body, and spirit unification (Unity Yoga) with a heightened awareness of the healing and calming power of music. Her goal for all students is "to reach a sense of effort and ease within the mind and body while paying homage to one's spirit." She challenges the student to Stretch .... Relax .... Strengthen .... Love yourself!

Having spent her professional career in the field of education and educational administration, Dawn brings to the mat her life experience of speaking to and teaching groups of any size from Kindergarten through adult.

Lisa  started her path in the healing arts with a degree in massage therapy in the 80’s from Boulder School of Massage in Boulder, Colorado. Lisa has studied many  modalities of massage and energy work therapies, as well as herbal medicines and botany in 30 years of her continuing educational studies in that field.

Lisa also has degrees in Liberal Arts and Education and continues to work on her Master in Alternative Education and Special Education. She has studied Montessori and Waldorf education models and spent the last nine years as an alternative education consultant/writer while homeschooling her son Conor. During this process of writing about education and what she and Conor were doing she created a large social media group on Facebook called Montessori and Waldorf Hybrid Home-schooler with over 5000 followers of her method of education she created using multi-holistic educational modalities and pedagogies.

Lisa also had a business called Theater Games and Social Skills that used Viola Spoolin’s work and other theater gestalt practices and acting skills to teach social skills for people on the spectrum of autism.

She recently attended The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona completing 200 yoga teacher hours and Naam Yoga Arizona for continuing education certificates in Naam 5 and Restorative Yoga.

Currently she is guiding and tutoring her son through on-line courses at Naropa Institute for Buddhism and Mind body Therapy 300 Hours Certification Course at Embodied Philosophy.  Lisa is also working on the Nonviolence Leadership in the Way of St. Francis- A Certificate Program in Facilitating Nonviolence Dialogue and Action at The Franciscan Renewal Center in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Lisa is thrilled to be part of the Naam staff and community and looks forward to learning more everyday from this amazing place and experience.


Conor is a teacher of Jedi Warrior Yoga. He trained and is certified in Hatha Yoga through Naam Yoga AZ.   Conor is currently continuing his training in Meditation, Sound Healing, Mind/Body Therapy and Non-Violent Communication.

He is an avid Gamer and has his own You Tube Channel and Facebook Page.  Conor is an incredible artist and loves drawing buildings and architecture.  

He is a light saber performance artist and lover of Star Wars.  

He currently lives in Mesa with his 3 chihuahuas and 1 Xolo dog.


Disclaimer for Conor : Conor is autistic and this impacts his language and social skills. Naam Yoga of Arizona is proud to be an all-abilities, inclusive place to practice yoga, to train to become an instructor, to work and work out. Naam AZ is a place where ALL ARE WELCOME. Thank you for choosing to accept us as we grow together to teach and learn how to be a more inclusive society.







Elizabeth was always looking beyond horizons, languages, cultures and beliefs to experience unity, joy and happiness. She finally realized true unity, joy and happiness is found within the self.  Reconnecting true self with divine is the true path. She is a 200 hr Shakti  Naam Yoga Teacher


Elizabeth enjoys many types of yoga, juicing and natural beauty solutions, discovering NAAM yoga and opening her heart to the wisdom made all the difference...Reconnecting, rebuilding, reuniting, recognizing that through our breath and sound we are able to re-establish divine guidance.


'I have learnt the importance of a smile. A simple, beautiful gesture opens the doors to uplift others with words and actions. It is so important to always, always, always be a light! I look forward to serving you.



Vickie Aigner is the Creator and Founder of Alive, Fit & Free - Adaptive Wellness Programs for All Abilities. She has over 30 years of experience, serving as an International Health and Wellness Consultant, and Nutritional Coach. She is an, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, and Certified Naam 5 instructor, and has done extensive coursework in nutrition, energy work, and fitness.

Vickie’s journey in Holistic Health began in the 70’s, when at the age of 25 she was diagnosed with cancer and chose to heal herself naturally. This created her passion to share with others how to be well and to live their best life, full of health, vim and vigor, no matter what age they are.

Her unique Energy Up Movement System has inspired clients around the world. Based on her 30 years of experience, she has developed a unique system that is a combination of Naam Yoga & Dance Movement that is adaptable to all levels and abilities, whether clients are confined to a chair or have the freedom to use their whole bodies. It energizes emotionally, mentally, energetically and physically from the inside out with its unique energy and movement patterns. This, in turn, relieves stress, depression and anxiety, builds new neural-pathways in the brain, helps to develop neuro-plasticity, increases balance and coordination, enhances flexibility, opens up energetic pathways, increases cardio vascular output, and stimulates muscular strength and endurance – all while having fun and allowing a safe space for all to open wide and explore their inner beings.

She now runs the Alive, Fit & Free Adaptive Wellness Programs for All Abilities at Naam Yoga Arizona, various senior residence facilities and other communities and individuals with unique abilities, needs and special limitations. She provides in-person and virtual classes from Phoenix,
Arizona, where she is based, and travels globally to train and work with clients worldwide as

Vickie’s spontaneity, joy, energy and zest for life light up her clients from young to old and will leave you with a song in your heart, a laugh in your belly, and a sparkle in your eyes!


From the moment she stepped onto the Yoga mat, Dani knew she had stumbled onto something. Not only was she able to find her way out of chronic pain and stress, she learned that there was so much more to this ancient practice: respite, breath work, mindfulness, peace, overall health and well being from head to toe, and community.  She was also introduced to Foundation Training, a program that teaches the body to move more effectively, powerfully, and in balance.  The exercises, developed by Dr. Eric Goodman, taught her how to stabilize the spine, re-balance the body and develop proper and functional movement patterns in today’s modern world.

Inspired by her mentors and teachers and grateful for the holistic benefits seen and felt in her own body, mind and heart, Dani chose to step out of the conventional business world and became certified to teach and share what she has learned in life and  through her training.  These transformational practices provide a frame work from which she operates in all her classes and in life. Her teaching style is eclectic, as she tailors classes to her students and private clients. Bringing with her her own personal experience, Dani's intention is to provide quality, experiential classes that offer insight into movement, along with practical life applications, refreshment, empowerment and inspiration. Sharing the gift of movement is her passion, and time spent with others moving, breathing and just being brings her great joy. 


Qualifications/Certifications:  RYT, Amrit Method Yoga Teacher and Advanced Yoga Nidra Facilitator (adults & children), Foundation Training Instructor and Bootstrap Instructor/Stress-Interdiction Specialist 

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