Teacher Training Programs & Certification Courses


200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program

Starting November 2019!

with Nicole Coye, Ph.D, DD & Staff

200 hr Teacher Training with Nicole is kicking off in November 2019!

Join Dr. Nicole Coyle to learn about the fundamentals of becoming a Yoga Teacher.  Our Teacher Training program is unlike any other! Her unique curriculum blends together the wisdom gained from over 20 years experience as a yoga practitioner. The underlying theme, and foundation for her trainings, are rooted in the sacred teachings, history, and wisdom of Yoga as a spiritual practice.  It unites ancient and modern yoga philosophies, spiritual wisdom  and practices from some of the world's spiritual and transformational leaders.  For students wishing to take the next step and teach, this 200hr Teacher Training is a total immersion of asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, meridian theory & yogic philosophy.

This Teacher Training program emphasizes teaching skills, therefore you will develop the capacity to teach students in various settings and feel comfortable holding space for students in and out of a classroom setting. You will work with the science and philosophy behind this yogic practice.  You will learn new sequences of yoga and meditation and the therapeutic application of mudras and mantras, sound vibration, asana, and pranayama.

 This training will offer you the tools to become a sincere and knowledgeable yoga teacher, but even more importantly, you'll walk away having the sacred tools to lead a life full of expansion, evolution, and liberation.

With emphasis on understanding yoga as it was intended; for the purpose of balancing one’s inner and outer energies and realizing oneness with the given reality. In addition to the study of applied philosophy, and the physical aspects of yoga, the student will be exposed to and will experience: Karma Yoga (the yoga of action/service), Naad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound), and Bhakti Yoga (Devotional/Mantra) practices.

 Yogic techniques taught in this course include:

- How to teach! Including how to: hold space, have an authentic teaching voice, use clear & concise language, and ethics & professionalism.

- What to teach! Including:  asanas, the alignment of postures, anatomy for yoga teachers, how to sequence yoga classes, pranayama (breath control) & meditation techniques, mantra meditation, mudra therapy, meridian point/ acupressure theory, principles of quantum physics & much more!  You will also learn the fundamental principles of teaching Restorative Yoga as well

- How to assist! Including: verbal cue assisting and how to deal with injuries, special populations, analyzing body structure and posturing...even how to teach while students are in chairs!

- Yogic Philosophy!  Yoga philosophy is entirely distinct from western philosophy. It’s purpose is not mindless questioning, but to deepen our observations of our own experience, ultimately leading us to make better decisions in life that support our health and happiness. The goal of studying yoga philosophy is to develop clarity in our minds.

Including: the history of yoga, sanskrit, the eight-limbed path, chakras, the Yamas & Niyamas and mantras,.

- Ethics and the business aspect of yoga



Each training weekend will include daily practices, in addition to lessons in the topics listed above. Expect to deepen your own personal practice and understanding of spirituality and yogic philosophy throughout the training as you learn how to convey this tradition to your students.

Each student will be asked to maintain a daily yoga, pranayama  & meditation practice, and complete monthly readings and homework. The homework will include, but not be limited to: sequencing classes, writing class critiques, observing, essays, classes, practice teaching, and assisting classes.

Requirements & Prerequisites:

-Minimum of 1 year of regular yoga practice experience or special permission from Dr. Nicole Coyle if 1yr of practice hasn’t been completed. 

- During Training: 90% in-person attendance and 100% homework completion (May miss 1 weekend that will need to be made up privately w Nicole)


- Students will be responsible for the purchase of all books on the required book list.




In order to accommodate students who cannot take off from work, our teacher trainings run one weekend a month for 8 months (January has 2 weekends). This gives our students time to acquire their certification in a way that fits into their life's schedule. It also allows the student time to assimilate all that they learn, and to practice each month between weekend of instruction. All students will also be required to pass a midterm and a final exam which will include a hands-on practical exam.

Each weekend will be
12pm-8pm Saturday

1pm-8pm Sunday 

November 9-10, 2019
December 7-8, 2019
January 4-5, 2020

January 25-26
February 15-16, 2020
March 14-15, 2020
April 11-12, 2020
May 23-24, 2020

June 6-7, 2020

Personal Investment:
Early Bird $2,950  PIF or registered w $500 non - refundable deposit by 10/15/2019
Full Price $3,250 PIF after 10/15/2019
Payment Plan $3450 - (custom payment plans may be arranged on an individual student basis )


$500 non- refundable deposit required to hold your spot.

Training limited to 15 people - reserve your space today by registering with Nicole.  Email naamazing11@gmail.com or call 480-924-0520


Naam Yoga AZ is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, a non-profit organization that maintains educational standards and a national registry of registered Yoga Teachers. The 200-hour Naam Yoga AZ Teacher Training program meets or exceeds all education requirements set by Yoga Alliance under their revised standards. Successful completion of this program automatically qualifies students to be recognized as a registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level (RYT 200) by Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance Curriculum Correspondences include the following:

Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle

At the core of our teachings is the wisdom which illuminates consciousness for the rapid evolution of the soul. In this course, you will learn the relationship between the microcosm and macrocosm, and experience how yoga & pranayama is a true remedy for disease, fear, and suffering. It is in Wisdom that the soul can be found.  

Anatomy and Physiology

In this outstanding portion of the program, participants will study the foundations of traditional anatomy, physiology, and the chakra system, in addition to the spiritual anatomy of the soul.  There is also an emphasis on neurology, meridian theory and injury prevention.

Teaching Practicum Classes

Develop your own teaching style during practice sessions with fellow trainees. You will also get the opportunity to learn from and support your peers under the supervision of the Teacher Trainers. You will be able to give and receive constructive feedback throughout the program, as you deepen your understanding of how to teach yoga classes to different populations o f students..

Teaching Methodology

Learn the skills needed to be a transformational Yoga teacher, how to work with students of all levels, and how to develop curriculums for specialized environments. You will also learn ethics for maintaining effective, uplifting interaction with students, as well as understanding what your role in modern society is as a teacher of Yoga.


Attendance Policy:
Students are required to attend all portions of the training in order to graduate.  Students who have to miss a portion must fill out an application for extension at the end of the training to make it up in a subsequent training, or as detailed by Dr. Nicole Coyle 


In order to graduate, students must complete all homework and all assigned readings by the completion of the training.  Students who have not completed by the end of the training must fill out an application for extension.


The Naam Yoga Lifestyle Course

COURSE IS 4 full days


from 1-8pm each day

at Naam Yoga AZ

in Mesa, AZ

$650 paid in full OR $750 with 3 payments of $250 each


Have you wanted to dive deeper into the wisdom of NAAM Yoga? Have you wanted to make a shift or a life change and don't know where to start? Do you have the desire to be a NAAM YOGA teacher? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then join Nicole forthis incredible course!

Purpose: To provide an introduction to the science and art of Naam Yoga, Sound Therapy,  Meditation, Universal Kabbalah and the laws of nature that can help one be successful in their daily lives. This Course is a Pre-Requisite for NAAM Yoga Teacher Training.

Upon Successful Completion:
Once students have successfully completed the Lifestyle Course, they are eligible to apply for the Naam Yoga Level 1 Foundation Course. (formerly known as Naam Yoga Teacher Training Level 1)

Prerequisites for Lifestyle Course: No official pre-requisites, but its suggested that people have completed at least 10 Naam Yoga Classes and have purchased the book Lifting the Veil by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.

The Lifestyle Course - Paid in Full - $600
The Lifestyle Course - Payment Plan $690 (3 x $230)

Detailed Course Information:

This course is a detailed introduction into the science of Naam, Shakti Naam Yoga, and Universal Kabbalah. In this course you will learn about how Naam Yoga explains the structure and function of how the universe works, both in time and space. With this knowledge, you will understand the meaning of your birthdate, and how your energy changes from day to day and month to month to bring you different strengths and challenges. You will understand some of the most important universal laws, you will learn about success, tools for prosperity and love relationships. And you will learn how these laws can create change through the science of Shakti Naam, including:

-Mantras/Sound Therapy and how they work (especially Triple Mantra, Ra Ma Da Sa, Lumen De Lumine and more). 
-20 mudras for health and success, including how mudras work and more
-Special Healing Mudra Series for health, energy, vitality and more
-Breathing (Pranayam) and several important techniques used in Shakti Naam Yoga, -Spiritual Anatomy and how Naam impacts the Nervous System, the Brain and the energetic body
-and much more!

During this course, students will also experience a daily meditation practice and gain practical understanding of wisdom and understanding that are the basic knowledge of Naam Yoga, Universal Kabbalah and Shakti Naam.

Be the Best You Can Be! Create a Life filled with joy, love and light!

To register or for more information, please contact Nicole by emailing naamazing11@gmail.com.

The Lifestyle Course - Paid in Full - $650
The Lifestyle Course - Payment Plan $750 (3 x $250)

THE ART OF REST:  Restorative Yoga Training Course

With Nicole Coye, Ph.D, DD


1-9pm each day


-  $150 NON-REFUNDABLE registration deposit to secure your spot
-  $399 paid in full
-  $465 payment plan (3 payments of $155)


**Please note: we appreciate your support and need to note that registration is non-refundable. Space is limited to 15 students, so if for any reason whatsoever you cannot attend, registration money will NOT be refunded but you can give your spot to someone else with minimum 5 days advance notice.**


*TRAINING LIMITED TO 15 STUDENTS – Please register by calling 480-924-0520

or emailing Nicole at naamazing11@gmail.com*





Join Nicole Coyle for a weekend of community, learning, exploring and understanding the many layers to Restorative Yoga!Restorative Yoga is a powerful healing practice as it connects to the many layers in the body - physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a deeply restful, rejuvenating yoga practice that helps us to learn how to relax the body and mind and encourage the body’s innate ability to heal itself.In Restorative Yoga, we incorporate the use of yoga props to completely support the body into deeper states of relaxation. A restorative practice is an amazing compliment to any yoga practice, any form of fitness and a great practice for everyone living a hectic, busy life, recovering from injury, illness and/or stress. This training is a targeted look at the theory, alignment, sequencing, and energetics of Restorative yoga. You will learn, for example, to teach sequences for quieting the brain, decreasing anxiety, boosting the immune system, and hormonal balance.Teachers who complete this training will feel confident in their knowledge and understanding of Restorative Yoga, and will be able to lead a Restorative Yoga class safely and effectively.


Many 200 hour yoga teacher training programs barely scratch the surface when covering Restorative Yoga and many yoga instructors are teaching restorative yoga classes without the proper training.  This 20 hour Naam AZ Restorative Yoga teacher training provides participants with a clear understanding of Restorative Yoga and its many benefits.  The training is appropriate for yoga teachers, massage therapists, social workers, psychotherapists, physical therapists, nurses, caregivers . . . or anyone with a curiosity about tapping into a space of rejuvenation and relaxation.  

This 20-hour course will include practice, discussion, lecture and practicum and meets Yoga Alliance requirements for Continuing Education hours – 15 contact, 5 non-contact.)

In this hands-on, experiential training, participants will learn the essential principles and practices of restorative yoga, including:


-Benefits of restorative yoga and Techniques to guide students into states of deep relaxation
-Exploring the nervous system and brain’s reaction to stress
-Basic sequencing theory
-Therapeutic impact of restorative yoga during times of illness, injury, recovery pain and stress
-Incorporating pranayama (breathing) practices to promote relaxation
-How to create a safe, inclusive space for all bodies and levels of yoga
-The use of props and how to skillfully use props
-How to guide and weave meditation into the restorative yoga practice
-Restorative yoga postures - proper positioning, alignment, benefits, contraindications, variations
-Verbal cues and language

-Hands on adjustments
-How to incorporate restorative yoga into vinyasa and hatha classes

-How to set the space

Participants of the Naam AZ Restorative Yoga Teacher Training will receive:
-a Naam AZ Restorative Yoga teacher training manual
-Ten minute guided meditation script to use with students and clients
-20 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance
-Certificate of completion

-  $150 NON-REFUNDABLE registration deposit to secure your spot
-  $399 paid in full
-  $465 payment plan (3 payments of $155)


**Please note: we appreciate your support and need to note that registration is non-refundable. Space is limited to 15 students, so if for any reason whatsoever you cannot attend, registration money will NOT be refunded but you can give your spot to someone else with minimum 5 days advance notice.**


Saturday, July 27, 1:00 - 9:00 pm
Sunday, July 28, 1:00 - 9:00 pm

The NAAM 5 Certification Course at NAAM AZ 


with Nicole Coye, Ph.D, DD

Open to all Naam Teachers, and anyone who wants to participate or

be certified to teach the Naam 5 Series. 

Paid in Full: $537
Payment Plan: $636 total
($212 x3 )

The Naam 5 Certification at Naam AZ is a course designed to measurably improve your life and the lives of those who you share this practice with!

Have you been looking for a time saving practice that addresses and prevents the health challenges and illnesses of the modern age (wasting diseases, heart disease, stroke, brain chemistry, mood and mental disorders) so that you and your students can experience radiant health and joy?

Have you been practicing the new Shakti Naam Healing Series for Vitality, Youth and Beauty on your own or in a Naam AZ Yoga Class and experienced the impact this simple 24-30 minute practice can have?

Do you wish to learn more about this sacred practice and how to teach it?

How would you like to be certified to teach these classes, even if you're not already a Naam Teacher?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then this program is for you!

The in-person portion of The Naam 5 Certification program will occur at Naam Arizona on June 7 and 8, 2019 with additional coaching sessions provided for each student after the in-person training.


During "The Naam 5" AZ students will experience:
-7 hours of in-person instruction from the Naam Yoga Therapies senior teaching team
-Personal coaching by a Naam teacher trainer on alignment, cueing students and musicality.
-All the elements needed to build a class.
-Full descriptions of the extensive benefits of these simple, powerful exercises and mastery of how to share with students.

Post Training -
we'll stay with you to ensure a successful, results driven, transformation in your teaching through:
- 3 semi-private webinars
(3-5 students) via Zoom where senior members of the Naam Yoga Training Team will meet with you to discuss your progress and how to market and grow your classes!

Webinar 1 - Will focus on an evaluation of your personal performance of The Naam 5 exercises.

Webinar 2 - Will focus on an evaluation of your teaching acumen of The Naam 5 exercises.
Webinar 3 - Will focus on special circumstances that you'll encounter as a teacher of The Naam 5.

Prerequisites: Students must watch the Naam Healing Series for Vitality, Youth and Beauty, prior to Course - all students will receive a link prior to attendance.

By enrolling, you are agreeing to our Cancellation/Refund Policy.

What is "The Naam 5"?

"The Naam 5" is a dynamic, full body workout that leaves you feeling revitalized and ready to complete even the most daunting tasks. While practicing you feel vitality, youth and beauty flowing freely though your whole body, balancing your mind and awakening your soul to your highest potential. This series is also a panacea for those experiencing health challenges and illnesses of the modern age, as the exercises can address wasting diseases, heart disease, stroke, brain chemistry, mood and mental disorders transforming a dark or dim prognosis to one of radiant health and joy. The Naam 5 is for everyone: all ages, all levels of fitness, all health conditions can benefit from these simple, transformational exercises.

May I be certified even if I am not a Naam Yoga Level I graduate?

YES, everyone is eligible for certification in this program regardless of your prior Naam experience!

NAAMflexology Certification Training


at Naam Yoga LA

Santa Monica, CA


With special guest lecture by Dr. Joseph M. Levry, founder of Naamflexology.

To register or for more information, please call Nicole at 480.924,0520 or email at


Naamflexology was developed for the purpose of improving how the feet relate

to the Earth as well as for directly promoting whole body health through the body

map. The curriculum is comprised of both live in person hours and an online


The healing science of Naamflexology allows us to be ever mindful of our

connectedness with the Cosmic though the divine wisdom contained in the feet and is

a comprehensive science for complete healing of mind, body, and spirit. In this course you will learn how the seven planetary bodies that sit before the throne of God govern all of the kingdoms of the macrocosm. On a grand scale, these heavenly bodies manifest themselves through the twelve signs of the zodiac and give birth to the twelve doors (DALET in Hebrew) of creation. Through each one of us, the seven planetary bodies express themselves as the twelve forces of the human soul and act as passageways for the circulation of salutary cosmic movement. These conduits carry the healing and constructive energies that are the very creative forces of God Itself, and therefore provide a great key to our healing and wellbeing.

In addition to the static locations that are depicted in foot reflexology charts, Naamflexology utilizes moving pattern maps that run through the feet. These patterns are the result of a complex combination of factors including the unique gravitational force exerted through the feet onto the ground, body weight distribution, posture, standing and walking characteristics, choice of shoes and much more. These patterns have an effect on the entire body and can be addressed through Naamflexology. Additionally, Naamflexology draws upon a little known Biblical and mystical understanding of the feet. The treatment techniques that comprise the Naamflexology system are the result of integrating these seemingly separate factors into one combined program.

Harmonyum Healing Level I

January 2020

at Naam Yoga LA

in Santa Monica, CA


What is Harmonyum II?

Harmonyum II is a revolutionary healing system, unmatched in its regenerative abilities.

It enhances, protects and restores the healthy function of all organs while positively

strengthening the body's life force. When one’s energy has been depleted and compromised by illness, long hours of work, or even when recovering from surgery, Harmonyum II releases a high rate of vibrational energy that saturates the recipient and grants the body, mind and heart a pervading sense of peace and wellbeing.

What will I learn at the Harmonyum II training?

During the Harmonyum Level II Training you will learn the higher metaphysical principles of healing alongside practical health-giving techniques for:

  • Post Surgery Recovery

  • General depletion of energy due to illness or emotional stress

  • Arthritis

  • Speedy recovery from colds and flus

  • Relief from general aches and pains

  • Replenishing the energy of the body when one has had very little sleep

  • Prevent on-coming colds and illnesses that are due to overwork, lack of sleep, poor eating habits and depleted reserves of energy


How will I benefit by becoming a Harmonyum II practitioner?
With Harmonyum II you can provide recipients with immediate physical relief that in essence grants rapid recovery from issues such as the common cold, sleep deprivation, general aches and pains, arthritis and depleted energy. No healing library is complete without the timeless technology of Harmonyum II.

To register or for more information, please call Nicole at 480.924.0520 or email at


Harmonyum Healing III

October 2019

at Naam Yoga LA

in Santa Monica, CA


Harmonyum III is an advanced application of the Harmonyum Healing System. It works

with the body's natural processes to heal and open the heart by purifying it from all

suffering, pain and destructive energies. One Harmonyum III healing treatment can

be as effective as years worth of therapy. It accesses the deep recesses of the heart

where deeply rooted negative patterns are stored, to release everything that is not beneficial to the system and fully repair itself. Level III Harmonyum Healing is particularly effective when the origin of one’s disease or health challenge is unknown.  

What will I learn at the Harmonyum III training?

At the Harmonyum Level III Training, practitioners learn the highest methods of healing, gain an understanding of the intricate union of the physical and spiritual bodies, and gain true insight into the root cause of all chronic conditions. Students will have the opportunity to experience hands on instruction, practice sessions and group meditation. During the Harmonyum Level III Training students receive:

- An opportunity to practice Harmonyum III
-An opportunity to receive Harmonyum III
- Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Metaphysical Principles of Harmonyum Level III
-Self-Harmonyum practice
-Mudras and healing techniques to improve headaches, sprains, burns, broken bones and much more

To register or for more information, please call Nicole at 480.924.0520 or email at


w Nicole Coye, Ph.D, DD
at Naam Yoga AZ
Investment: $420 (50% non-refundable deposit due for registration by 4/30/2018)


-You want to discover how to help yourself & others with the energy of crystals
-You feel drawn to working with the energies of crystals & stones but you’d like to be
more confident with how to use them & what to do with them
-You feel you have a special connection with crystals & would love to enhance and deepen that connection
-You feel that there’s an inherent mystical power in crystals & stones. Now you would love to back it up with science

Join Nicole for this very comprehensive and intensive crystal healing certification course. It covers 3 sections, described below, and additional benefits. Become a Level 1 Certified Crystal Healer and learn how to use crystal energy to manifest health, happiness, and abundance!

*Please purchase THE CRYSTAL LOTUS HANDBOOK: AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO CRYSTALS prior to the start of this course. *

In our comprehensive, 2-day Crystal Healing Certification course, you’ll learn:

1 Crystals & Holistic Healing

Learn the basics of crystals and how they can be used as tools to help you heal your mind, body, and soul. This session is the starting point to using crystals in your own life, shows you how they work, and teaches you how to use your intuition for healing.

-Resources to use to help you in crystal identification
-Basic Crystal Kit for the Chakras and why it works
-About the Chakra System
-How to cleanse and clear crystals
-How to meditate with crystals
-How to select stones 
-Crystal placement for the home
-Crystals for basic ailments/ crystal prescriptions

2 Crystals for Self Discovery & Self Healing

Learn how to use crystals to remove blockages in your own auric body that are preventing you from moving forward in your life.

-Stepping out of your comfort zone
-Using crystals for courage, to drop fear, to remove blockages
-Crystals for manifestation
-Crystals and other tools for self protection/ energy protection
-Crystal grids for the body

3 Incorporating Crystals Into Your Healing Arts Work, Crystal Healing Certification & Attunement

-How to perform a session
-Practicum performing a session
-Do's & Dont's
- Basic Techniques

In addition to being a Certified Crystal Healer (certified to add CCH to your name, ex; Jenn Morgan, CCH) the end of the program, students get;

-A certification diploma
-A complete crystal dictionary and course manual
-Access to Nicole for questions & mentoring
-Optional access to ordering essential oils
-Free crystal identification... please bring your crystals with you

To register or for more information, please call Nicole at 480.924.0520 or email at naamazing11@gmail.com.



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