Class Pricing



  • Drop-in 1st time students - $5

  • Drop-in Adult -  $15​ (cash or credit)

  • 1 Month unlimited membership - $95

  • 3 Month unlimited membership - $270 ($90/month)

  • 6 Month unlimited membership - $510 ($85/month)

  •  10 Class Pack - $130 (3 month Expiration)

  • 20 Class Pack - $240 (6 month Expiration)​

  • Kids (5-13) - $5

  • High School (14-18) and College with valid ID – $10 per class (cash, credit or account payment)

** Active & Retired Military are ALWAYS BY DONATION**


** First Responders, Fire & Police receive 15% discount with ID**


We, at Naam Yoga AZ, believe EVERYONE should have access to Yoga, regardless of financial limitations.


These are timeless tools for self-care that empower us to take better care of ourselves. Originally, Yoga was developed as a path to alleviate suffering, a systematic road map to help us overcome our accumulated bad habits and replace them with new, better ones. Thus, Yoga offers tools to improve body, mind, breath, senses, relationships and lifestyle.


If someone is suffering, perhaps unable to work due to a cancer diagnosis or is battling addiction or going through a divorce; we believe they need Yoga more than ever! Especially during challenging times, we are literally dying for tools to lift us up towards the light, so we can find our way back to a place of better health and more sustained joy. We would never want to exclude someone from seeking help simply because they could not afford it.


We feel very strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to experience classes. We will offer a sliding scale based / hybrid model that offers a monthly membership option to students needing Financial assistance, so they can attend unlimited classes and develop an on-going mind/body/spirit practice; while still allowing students to drop in for individual classes on a minimum scale basis.

This flexible model allows EVERY and ALL practitioners the opportunity to develop an on-going Yoga practice with the intent of creating long-lasting positive change.


**If you are a committed student in true financial need, we will do everything we can to help you!  We offer financial assistance and opportunities to be of service at our center as a special way to make meditation & yoga available to dedicated yoga students with financial limitations. This is an important aspect of Naam Arizona's mission to make the healing power of meditation & yoga available to people of all incomes and abilities. 

If you are in need of assistance, please email Nicole at to request your application.  Fill it out with as much detail as you can and either email your completed application to us or give us a hard copy in the studio.  Upon receiving and reviewing your application, we may ask to meet with you for further information and to work out the best rate, which may include exchange of services or skills, for your individual needs.**