NAAM ARIZONA-Center for Integrative Therapies

Located in Mesa, AZ, Naam Arizona is a wellness, yoga, meditation and healing center. Our spacious 2500 square foot venue offers a cathartic, warm studio, private healing rooms, numerous wellness services, a Naam Boutique, and a heart and health-inspired array of meditation, movement & yoga classes and therapeutic programs.


By making the art and science of Naam available in its myriad of forms, our goal is to help people of all physical capacities achieve permanent self-healing, with a unique emphasis on community and raising global consciousness. Universally inspired, the center also offers a wide range of Yoga disciplines, Universal Kabbalah Workshops, Harmonyum Healing, Massage, Nutritional Consulting, Life Coaching, Teacher Training Programs, Continuing Education Programs, Lectures, After School Programs and much, much more. Put together, these services create a whole-hearted blend of tools that can powerfully transform your life.


Naam Arizona is as much about helping the community as it is about self-healing. It is our belief that true healing takes into account the physical, emotional, and mental nature of mankind, and at Naam Arizona we strive to provide the quickest and most effective modalities of healing currently available.


Naam  AZ is committed to healing the whole self—mind, body, and soul. That’s why we offer integrative wellness programs that are individually designed to suit your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual goals. Each one of our classes is infused with ancient yogic teachings, the perfect balance between active and passive postures, and a supportive, non- judgmental community that will leave you feeling right at home.  

At Naam AZ, we view all people, all beings, and all life as expressions of Divine Creation.

We see a community in which every person lives in alignment with his/her highest spiritual principle, emphasizing unity with the Divine and connection with each other; a community in which individually and collectively we are called to a higher state of consciousness and action.  We are here to uplift each other and be a source of light to this world.


NAAM Therapies


Naam  is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as a Yoga Therapy - Naam  Therapies is a complete science that produces measurable and noticeable physical, emotional and mental changes within the body. Naam Therapies helps to heal disease, relieve chronic and emotional pain, manage stress and reduce anxiety and depression.


Naam  is both preventative and prescriptive for addressing specific diseases. It can be practiced by people of all ages and health and fitness levels.


It is physically and spiritually therapeutic and rehabilitative, capable of magnifying one's strengths while augmenting one's ability to overcome weaknesses.




Benefits of Naam 


Naam  is a powerful self-healing technology that offers a wide range

of health benefits.


  • Raise energy levels

  • Balance the glandular, digestive, and nervous system

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Relieve chronic pain

  • Reduce emotional disturbance

  • Manage and reduce stress

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Improve overall health and well-being