Naam is a global community committed to bringing peace to hearts and minds, balance to humanity, to teach people how to live in alignment with universal law, full accountability and responsibility, how to live in harmony with the earth, in accordance with ethical practices.   


We are in a time of global transformation where building networks of like-minded visionaries is essential for the health and sustenance of our earth and our socio-political systems.  The more we join together, regardless of race or creed, in harmony with universal law, the better chance we have to bring peace to nations, offer shelter to the homeless, provide food to the hungry, and ensure safey for our children.  


Naam Yoga is located around the world, and is growing rapidly.  As our communities expand even further worldwide, practitioners of Naam Yoga Therapies and the Harmonyum Healing System are serving in many locations including Australia, Argentina, England, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Holland, Iran, Israel, Spain, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela.


In the words of our beloved founder who inspires our continued dedication and commitment to worldwide healing, "It is our responsibility to individually and collectively contribute something positive, healing and uplifting to our planet. If you want to improve the world, improve yourself and if you want a community to serve you, serve your community." Dr. Joseph Michael Levry


Here is a listing of current Naam Yoga centers around the world. 




Mesa, Arizona

Naam Yoga Arizona

Los Angeles

Naam Yoga LA (International Headquarters)

New York City

Naam Yoga New York

Czech Republic

Naam Yoga Prague (Naam Praha)



Centro Naam (Mexico City)

Naam Yoga Puebla (Mexico)

Centro Naam Queretaro (Mexico)


New Zealand

Naam Yoga Aotearoa New Zealand



Naam Yoga Zuerisee

Naam Yoga Zug (Website coming soon)



Naam Yoga Sao Paolo



Naam Yoga Piemonte (Website coming soon)



Rootlight Germany