9:00a-10:15a    Gentle Flow ( Hilani)       

10:30a-11:30a  Yin/Restorative Yoga ( Lisa)  

12:00p-5:00p    Community Acupuncture w/ Dr. Montoya    

6:30p-7:45p       Restorative Yoga w Gong Meditation (Hilani) 

9:00a-10:15a    Naam Yoga (Dr. Nicole)​ 
10:30a-11:45a  Stretch & Unwind Yin/Restorative Yoga ( Dr.Nicole)  
4:30p-5:45p       Naam Yoga Therapies for Emotional Balance
                                & Depression (Dr. Nicole)   
6:30p-7:45p       Gentle Yoga  (Hilani)  

9:00a-10:00a    Yoga Foundations  (Tina)   
1030a-11:45a  Chair Yoga (Dawn) 
4:30p-5:30p       Shakti Naam   (Dr. Nicole & Staff))   
6:30p-7:45p       Restorative Yoga w Gong Meditation (Hilani)   
9:00a-10:15a     Naam Yoga (Dr. Nicole)  
10:30a-11:45a  Stretch & Unwind Yin/Restorative Yoga (Dr. Nicole 
4:30p-5:45p       Naam Yoga Therapies for Thyroid & Hormonal Balance
(Dr. Nicole)      
6:00p-7:15p       Shakti Naam (Elizabeth) 
7:30p-8:30p       Mindful Restorative Yoga (Lisa)  NO CLASS 1/2/20


8:00a-9:15a        Just Yoga! ( Tina)  

9:30a-10:45p      Naam Yoga Tools for Neutralizing Anxiety & Stress  (Dr. Nicole)

11:00a-12:00p   Chair Yoga (Dawn)  

The Following Friday night events are an additional fee & AREN'T

Included in class packs or membership.  Portion of proceeds collected goes to a local charity (no one turned away for lack of funds):


7:00p-8:00p  Yoga Nidra Every 2nd Friday (Dani)  $15  


7:00p-8:30p   Crystal Healing & Sacred Sound Meditation -- Every 3rd Friday (Dr. Nicole) $21 


7:00p-8:30p  Hatha Yoga -  Every 4th Friday​ (Dawn)  $19​   


8:30a-9:45a       All Levels Flow Yoga ( Dawn)  
10:00a-11:15a  Stretch & Unwind Yin/Restorative ( Hilani)  
11:30a-12:30p  Naam Yoga for Stress & Anxiety  
9:30a-10:45a     Sunday Slow Flow (All Levels) (Tina)  
11:00a-12:15p   Naam Yoga Community Class  (Dr. Nicole) 
12:30p-1:15p  Jedi Warrior Yoga w Light Sabers ( Conor) 


NAAM Yoga AZ  Schedule

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