About Us


NAAM  Arizona was created to offer a loving,

supportive, safe, non-competitive, peaceful environment

to explore and receive the profound and abundant

physical, mental & emotional benefits of NAAM ,

Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Meditation.


Our Mission is to empower people to improve their lives,

heal themselves, and support them in the process of

balancing the Mind-Body-Spirit connection through

the power of community, a variety of classes, a healing

clinic, workshops and events, many of which are

available at an affordable, low cost.

Meditation & yoga is the most comprehensive system of

wellness known to man. This wisdom has been passed down

through thousands of years and refined to where we

stand today as human beings. Yoga is not a quick fix or

a trend, it is the quest for the truth, to find the connection

to what matters most, the connection of the Mind,

Body, Intellect and Soul, through postures (asanas)

pranayama (breathing), mudra(hand postures) and

meditation (samadi).

Naam , in particular, is unique synthesis of yogic

asana (movement), mudra (hand postures), breath,

rhythm, stretching, acupressure and vocal vibration

infused with Universal Kabbalah, the laws of nature.

Naam is joyful practice that powerfully offsets the

stress of modern day through its intelligent and

sophisticated impact on the nervous system, brain and

heart. Naam and Meditation reduces emotional and mental fatigue, relieves anxiety and depression and slows down the aging process and more. A practice for people of all ages and abilities, providing radiant health, happiness, and vitality.

No matter what style of yoga you choose to participate in at Naam AZ, once you step onto the mat,  you will find the balance of strength and flexibility in the body and mind. You will awaken your inner fire (agni) to release toxins and stagnant energy. You will find yourself to be lighter, happier and joyful! Here at NAAM ARIZONA, we are dedicated to guide you on your path to complete wholeness and healing.
"Everything that you do with love will heal you."
 - Dr. Joseph Michael Levry,
               Founder of NAAM Yoga