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Naam Yoga AZ is  now known as Naam Arizona Center for Integrative Therapies.  We have legally become a new business and are now categorized as an Alternative Holistic Health Center. We were never just a yoga studio anyway. We have always offered alternative wellness services in addition to therapeutic yoga.

I have partnered with Jose Montoya, L.Ac., DTCM, who is now the Medical Director of our new therapies center and it has been a dream of ours to do this together for years. 

This new business model will require us to legally operate as a Membership-based integrative wellness and therapy center.  It allows us to offer over 30 different alternative therapy and wellness services,  including yoga as part of an integrative wellness program. 

Therefore,  in order to participate in our  yoga, meditation and movement classes,  wellness programs,  workshops and Therapy treatments,  a full,  comprehensive health and wellness assessment is required by our now medical director, Jose Montoya, L.Ac., DTCM.  

Therefore,  Classes can be attended after a health & wellness paper questionnaire assessment is completed.  The assessment is $30 and includes 2 weeks of unlimited yoga.


Through this personalized process, we will gain an intimate understanding of your current mental,  emotional,  physical and spiritual health.  This will allow us to design a unique program that will grow and adapt with your needs as you progress on the path to achieve optimal health and healing.

This annual fee allows us to keep class prices and treatment fees at a low,  reasonable rate.  A portion of each assessment fee will also allow us to continue our sponsorship program for veterans, seniors and others in need in our community.  Also,  an additional 10% of the fee will go towards a local non-profit, so that being of service to our community stays at the forefront of our mission.  

Please know,  that my original mission will always stay in the heart of what I do.  Therefore,  if you are having financial difficulties and can't afford the membership assessment fee, please do not hesitate to contact me and we will work it out.   My goal has always been to provide a safe space, support and affordable access to healing FOR ALL. 

Please look out for an additional email towards the end of the week with details on dates available to complete assessments next week,  as well as the yoga and movement class schedule and pricing for classes and services. 

I love you all so very much.... I am here for you.  I am very grateful to you all for your continued support, love, prayers and patience.  Please reach out if you need anything or have any questions.   I pray that you can see the blessing this transformation and rebirth will be for all of us.  

Blessings, health and love to you all.

Nicole, Jose and the Naam Arizona Center for Integrative Therapies Staff


You may also find over 50 full length yoga classes on our online membership site


This membership site is $29/month with no contract and unlimited views of each video.  There are 4-5 new classes added onto this platform each month.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 480.924.0520 or email

You are loved, you are supported, you are held in healing light. You are all our family and we are here for you. If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here for a chat, a laugh, love, to get groceries for you, to be a shoulder to cry on... anything.

We cannot thank you enough for your support!! Be safe, be healthy, be happy.
We love you.
Nicole and the Naam AZ Staff














Welcome to NAAM Arizona!

NAAM AZ is the ONLY studio in Arizona to offer NAAM YOGA, Shakti Naam &

Naam Yoga Therapies and we are the ONLY NAAM Center with a brick and mortar location open in the US!!

NAAM Yoga is an amazing, complete healing science & yogic practice that works with sound, movement, and breath to restore the flow of vital energy throughout the entire body. It is an invaluable self-healing technology that balances the brain, the glandular, digestive and nervous systems, allowing people to experience vibrant health and well-being.


"Naam is the permutation and combination of sacred words which are used to direct and redirect energy in order to bring rhythm to the human being, because a human without rhythm is a land without water, nothing grows there; it is a desert."... -Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga

Come to the mat to shed your darkness and allow your heart to shine like the SUN! 
Be a source of love and light to the world!

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